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Introduction to Coding

Our Introduction to coding for kids course is an excellent opportunity to help children aged between 7 and 15 years explore and discover their potential in tech through fun and creative coding activities. The objective for this course/coding level is to excite an interest in tech and coding. Learners will get exposed to the world of ICT and be able to appreciate technology. Learners can choose between having lessons on Saturdays for 8 weeks or 2 days a week for 4 weeks. The total fee for this entire introduction course is Ksh. 6,500 only.

Are you a parent to a 7 to 15-year-old who loves to invest in the future of your children? Do you understand the value of technology in today’s world? Register your kid(s) in our Introduction to coding today by submitting this link now. Contact us to learn more about our coding programs.

Today, coding has become a basic literacy every child must have. Kids need to understand and work with the technology around them.

How we make it happen

We teach via Zoom, they learn, they discover their potential, and they explore and grow talents in tech. We take it upon ourselves to nurture the young tech talent through progressive lessons which start from less difficult to more difficult coding activities. Why should your kid(s) be left out? Enrol him/her/them today and start this exciting journey with us.

How does Introduction to coding course benefit my kid(s)?

It improves creativity and problem-solving skills.

It helps kids become creators in the digital world.

Coding is fun and engages the brain, therefore, can be a play-time activity.

It is an eye-opener and opportunity for kids to start and grow a career in software development at an early age.

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