Helping kids, 7-15 yrs, Discover & Nurture talents in tech early enough.

Empowering yourChildren
to embrace tech and start creating through online coding lessons.

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Introduction to Coding

This is an excellent opportunity to have your kids explore their potential and interest in coding and tech through fun creative coding activities. Learn more

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one-year Progressive Learning

A great opportunity for your kid(s) to learn and acquire more coding skills to start creating real websites, games, and apps. Learn more


Python Programming

Are you a working adult or college/university student tired of getting stuck too often as you self-teach? Are you planning to upgrade your skillset? It gets tough when no one to consult. Engage our Python tutor to simplify your journey in learning how to code.

Engineersfor the next generation
why kids should learn coding
What your child will learn

Lots of benefits for your child

design & Creatives

For kids and adults


To coding

Game development

For kids


Peer team work

Our Programs

Sign up your kids for an opportunity to discover and nurture talents in tech at an early age. We are helping them learn and build confidence to start creating useful computer programs, games, websites, and apps through online coding classes

Our Coding Programs

We help children (7 to 15 yrs) discover and nurture talents in tech at an early age through progressive online coding classes. They learn how to create simple stories, programs and games, websites, and apps. Are you a parent who loves to invest in the future of your children?  register your son/daughter now. #RaisingEngineers

What is Coding About

Why is Coding important in today’s world To better understand what coding is all about and its importance in our today's world, you first need to understand wh ...

why coding for kids is important

What is Coding? Coding is a way of talking to a computer. It is a process of writing instructions for the computer to follow in order to accomplish a task. The ...

About Jit Tech Learning

Jit Tech Learning is on a mission of helping children aged 7 to 15 years discover and nurture talents in tech at an early age through progressive online coding ...

A message to our parents
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Ithalii Jackson
Program Manager

We are living in a globally competitive community in which our children will compete with children from all over the world. It is on this point that you need to avail them with sustainable competitive skills that will not only secure them a successful future but also shape the approach to problem-solving.