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Coding classes for children and adults stress-free

About Jit-Tech Solutions

Jit-Tech Solutions is  a passion driven organisation that aims to bridge the technology gap among people in Kenya through highly skilled training for children and adults.

We have problem solving focussed training courses that will help your children solve every day problems through tech solutions.

Introduction to Coding...

Coding for Kids

Equipping your child with modern and relevant skills for tomorrow’s world is the best gift you can give them now.

Have your child start his or her programming life with Jit-Tech solutions today and have them prepared for tomorrow. 

Our services

We have courses that will focus on helping you  achieve the following development skills

Mobile Apps

Build apps for both iOS and Android with ease after our short courses. Build across all programming languages


Build websites of all kinds from CMS platforms, e-Commerce and Web Apps with ease after our short courses

Product Development

We also offer IT Consultancy to our clients mainly for product development and other services. Get in touch

Coding for Adults

Its never too late to learn coding. We train you on all the programming languages and skills of your choice. Relevant skills in today’s changing digital sphere.

Our Top Courses

Checkout our top courses for you and your child and get started with your innovation journey

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