About Jit Tech Learning

Jit Tech Learning is on a mission of helping children aged 7 to 15 years discover and nurture talents in tech at an early age through progressive online coding classes. We train them how to create animated stories, simple animations, computer programs and games, websites, and apps.

We are promoting Creativity, problem-solving among kids

Our coding classes empower kids with 21st-century skills to become creative, problem-solving, and capacity to innovate. Besides, we are raising a generation of young software engineers by equipping our children with practical and useful skills early enough.

We are promoting confidence to start creating

Once an interest in coding has developed, the progressive nature of our coding programs ensures learners build more confidence in their ability to create software projects. The more confidence in their own skills, the more the growth and ability to code more constructive projects. Trust me, this is a journey, you don’t want your kids to miss. Enroll today.

Are you a parent who loves to invest in the future of your kids?  Who understands the value of investing in your children? support their growth.

When Founded

Jit Tech Learning was founded in April 2020 by Ithalii Jackson to engage kids with creative and fun coding activities while staying safe at home. Since then Jit Tech’s mission has grown beyond engaging kids to helping them discover and explore talents and potential in ICT, software development, and game development at an early age.
Our coding classes (also Creative Coding Activities) help kids excite interest in technology, discover their hidden potential, and build confidence in their own abilities and skills.

Give your kids a chance to explore the unlimited possibilities of coding by enrolling them now.

We look forward to partnering with you in raising a generation of young software engineers. Join our mission by enrolling your kids today or/and referring friends and family members. Contact us to learn more about our classes. Also, Connect with us on Twitter to stay updated

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