Lots of benefits for your child

Lots Of Benefits For Your Child

Lots of benefits for your child after completing our coding modules.

Enable your kids to: 

  1. Create computer games.
  2. Create simple stories and animations.
  3. Build functional websites and web apps
  4. Confidence in own skills and abilities 
  5. Become more creative and good at communicating ideas. 
  6. Grow knowledge in ICT skills.
  7. Build and grow their career at an early age.
  8. Earn a Certificate of completion.

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Other Benefits for your child

  • We provide an opportunity for your kids to understand how technology really works.

Having an understanding of how certain apps were developed helps in understanding the greater consequences of using them.

  • Coding Engages Brain

Our Coding Activities are designed to be fun and exciting, therefore keeping young children engaged while learning.

This makes our coding activities suitable to engage in during free time, during playtime, or as an extracurricular.


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