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Other Coding Packages

we have different coding packages for learners interested in beginner coding classes to advanced ones. Every coding lesson is a working project in the form of a story, simple animation, program, game or website. In addition, we offer an opportunity to advance coding skills, especially for those who have done coding before. In some cases, we administer an assessment to such learners to better place them into our programs. However, complete beginners start with the introduction to the coding course.

Coding languages and Courses

Among our coding courses, we have

  1. Scratch Programming
  2. Web Design
  3. Python Programming

Other Information

Learners are awarded a certificate of completion after every coding module. Enrol Now!

Adult Learning

Self-teaching is a tough journey, especially with no reliable teacher to consult when stuck. It costs more time without talking about the struggle in understanding some programming concepts.  Don’t stay stuck, get in touch with our python tutor to accelerate your journey in learning python programming.

We help by simplifying the python concepts through the use of relevant and real-world application scenarios and examples. We teach Python from the basics, fundamental concepts, conditionals, loops, functions, classes, OOPs, inheritance, and file handling to becoming a pro. sign up for our monthly classes now.

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