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Coding Activity: A Two-Way Conversation.

Objective: To create a two-way conversation between two characters.

Required Block Categories: Text to Speech, Events, and Motion

Sprites needed: Fairy, Prince, and Princess

Backdrops needed: Castle 3


To have a two-way conversation between two sprites, we need to exchange messages between the two. Besides, we need one Sprite to send a message when done talking so that the other Sprite can respond. We can achieve a two-way conversation either by using wait block to time and delay a sprite before responding or by using broadcast messages. Broadcast messages are the best option to guarantee a smooth and accurate conversation.

How Broadcast Messages work

Once a sprite has spoken, you create and send a broadcast message received by the other Sprite. The broadcast message should have a unique name that is relevant to the words being spoken. Besides, it is possible, where necessary, to have more than one Sprite respond to one message from one specific Sprite.

Broadcast-related Blocks 

Blocks related to broadcast messages can be found under the Events category and include when I receive message, broadcast message, and broadcast message and wait. Broadcast message block allows you to send a message while the when I receive message executes/performs a given instruction/action once the broadcast message is received. Remember, the message name will keep changing depending.

broadcast related blocks

Creating a New Broadcast Message

To create a new broadcast message, drag the broadcast block to your workspace, click on the dropdown under “message 1” below.

Select the “New message” button to open an editor where you can specify a preferred name for the new broadcast message. For example, write the word demo as your message name.

Receiving a broadcast message

Use the “when I receive” block. Make sure to click the dropdown to select the appropriate message you intend to act on. You can only see the messages you have created and nothing more. Hence, the dropdown will display only a list of messages in the current project.

Story Overview: A conversation is happening between Prince and Princess. The conversation starts with the Prince greeting his sister, the Princess. There is a third person, who the Prince is interested to know. Besides, the Prince is just coming from a meeting and the Princess is interested in learning its outcome. ENJOY!!!


Create a new project and add the Castle 3 backdrop and the three sprites (Fairy, Prince, and Princess) as shown in the screenshot below.


STEP 2: Begin with coding the Prince

Choose the Prince to add the text-to-speech block to let him start the conversation. You will set Prince’s voice to tenor before making him speak the following sentences/statements: “Hello Princess” and “How is the going.” Then send a broadcast message called “greetings” using the broadcast message block.  See the screenshot below:

STEP 3: Princess responds to the greetings

Select the Princess. Add the go-to block to set her initial start position on the stage. However, you will not add the text-to-speech block immediately after the go-to(x, y) block for the Princess to respond to the greeting after receiving the Greetings broadcast message. Therefore add your blocks in the order shown on the screenshot and click the green flag to test your program.

Ensure that when I receive block points/shows the correct message name you wish to receive in your conversation. Therefore add the following blocks to respond to the Prince’s greetings.

STEP 4: Princess sends a message back to Prince


You can think of this program as a scenario where two guest speakers use one mic to speak to one another, especially as they try to know each other. Therefore when the first is done, he/she will return the mic to the second speaker to say something else, and the conversation continues. Besides, you can think of the broadcast messages as signals or controls that allow each person to know when it’s their turn to speak. Therefore, we can assume the Princess is giving back control to Prince or sending a signal back to the Prince.

Adding Blocks.

Let Princess send another new broadcast message to be received by the Prince, but before she will ask “what about you?” from where you will derive the name of your next broadcast message.



STEP 5: Prince Responds and asks about the third person

You will make the Prince tell the Princess how he is doing, after which, he asks about the third person accompanying the Princess.

STEP 6: Princess reveals who the third person

You now understand how everything is flowing. Let’s keep going. Again switch to Princess and receive the who is she message by adding the blocks shown below on Princess. Besides, let Princess send another broadcast message.

STEP 7: Prince receives the guardian angel broadcast message

Add the blocks below:


STEP 8: Princess receives the wonderful broadcast message

In this step, the Princess will inquire about the meeting’s outcome. Add the blocks below:

Your turn to be creative.

Work on the Task below
  • Think of two possible responses that Prince can give concerning the meeting he attended with the governing council. Add blocks to allow Prince to speak the responses.
  • Think of two possible reactions that Princess would give after hearing Prince’s responses. Add the appropriate blocks to make it work nicely.
  • You are free to take the conversation beyond my examples, including creating an entirely new conversation using your favourite sprites.

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Why Coding is Important for young children

What is Coding?

Coding is a way of talking to a computer. It is a process of writing instructions for the computer to follow in order to accomplish a task. The instructions are written in a language that a computer understands. Computer programs, apps, websites, animations, games, and computer systems are the results of coding. There exist several coding languages (also called programming languages) including Scratch, python, java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Pascal, C++, and C# among others.

All computer devices, including phones, require programs in order to function properly. Operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and android are also computer programs.

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think”- Steve Jobs

 Why kids should learn coding early enough.

Coding is not only for those already in the technology field or children who are always on computers. Here are some of the reasons why coding is a must-have skill in the 21st century.  sign up for coding now

Coding helps kids gain confidence to create

Coding helps young children become creators in the digital world. They can create animated stories, animations, websites, apps, programs, and computer games.

“Coding allows kids to explore the power of their own imagination” – Makena, a 11-year old student at Jit Tech

Coding enhances creativity, problem-solving, and logical reasoning skills.

Most children won’t grow to become professional software engineers or programmers, but the skills of creative thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning can be applied across different academic and professional disciplines. Enrol your kids now!

Coding teaches kids about technology 

We live in a technology-driven world and learning coding at an early age allows young children to gain an understanding of how technology works. Besides, having an understanding of how certain apps were developed helps in understanding the greater consequences of using them. For instance, social media and e-commerce apps use algorithms that maximize the number of time users spend on the platforms.

“Technology Will Be Major Driver For Big Four Plan” –  President Uhuru Kenyatta

Coding is fun and engages the brain, therefore, can be a play-time activity.

Coding is a fun and exciting activity that keeps young children engaged and learning same time. This makes coding suitable as an activity to engage in during free time or even some of the children’s playtime.

Coding Teaches patience.

Coding can help young children learn patience. Why? The journey of learning coding has its own setbacks. At any level, irrespective of age, there is some level of failure such as code not working. Children get to learn and appreciate why a piece of code might fail and how to improve it. They can only learn that by being patient while testing and editing that particular piece of code (sometimes multiple times). Besides, coding might not be easy at first but gets easier as you learn and practice more.

Coding is an eye-opener

Another key reason why kids should learn coding is to start and build careers at an early age. Besides, coding opens doors to other learning and growth opportunities. It promotes their interest in continuous learning and exploring their own potential. Imagine if you had been introduced to technology while young? Where would you be if you started coding at the age of 9 years?

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