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What is Coding About

Why is Coding important in today’s world

To better understand what coding is all about and its importance in our today’s world, you first need to understand what a computer is and how it works. By understanding the basic functionality of a computer device, you get to appreciate where coding comes in and its results. Computers are very critical in our today’s world. We live in a tech-driven world, where technology has become central to our daily lives. Every day we use technology at work, to make decisions, to communicate and connect with others, for educational purposes, etc.

What is a computer

A computer is an electronic device that accepts data and processes it to give an output. The computer accepts data via input devices and gives an output via output devices. The processing function is done by the software components.

Components of a computer

To accomplish its purpose, a computer is made up of two main components, that is, hardware and software components. The hardware includes all the computer parts that can be touched. Hardware parts are categorised into input devices and output devices. Input devices enabled the computer to take in data to be worked on (to be processed) while output devices enable a computer to give out results after the processing.

The Hardware Component

Input Devices 

They include microphones for accepting audio, a keyboard for typing, a mouse to move the cursor on the screen and click buttons, and scanners for capturing image data.

Output Devices

They include a monitor (computer screen) for display, speakers for sound, a projector, a printer, etc.

The Software Component

Software components enable the computer to work on the input data and give out the desired output based on the specified instructions.

Software is a set of instructions that guides a computer on what needs to be done and how to be done. Computers do not understand direct human languages. Therefore, these instructions are prepared/written using a computer language. However, it is we human beings who write these instructions.

Types of Software in a Computer 

Two main types of software run on a computer, that is, application software and system software. System software is responsible for running the computer’s hardware devices while applications software are designed to perform specific tasks or to satisfy a specific need.

System software provides a platform for applications to run on top of. Operation system is an example of system software. The common operating systems are Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux.

Some examples of application software are web browsers, Microsoft Word, graphics software, computer games etc.

The Computer language

Machine language is the lowest-level language that a computer understands and it is in binary format.

Coding is the process of writing computer instructions for the computer to follow. The instructions are written using computer programming languages. Coding and programming can be used interchangeably. With programming, we get all the computer systems and applications that we use and interact with daily.

This is why it is important to understand what coding is all about and why it matters.

Each programming language has an implementation that allows it to translate the human-readable line of code into machine language so that the computer can understand and process the instructions in its language. In some languages, this implementation is called a compiler and an interpreter in others. Therefore, a human application developer will not have to learn or worry about the binary language.

Some common programming languages are Java, Python, Javascript, C++, C#, VB.Net, etc.

What is coding about

Coding is all about writing computer programs that solve a specific problem or improve efficiency. Every computer program was (is) created to address a real problem or simplify a real-life process or procedure. Therefore, learning coding is learning how to solve real-world problems using technology. When designing applications, a lot of work goes into understanding the problem at hand and visualising how the solution should work. Besides, all the input data and desired output/results are considered before writing the actual lines of code. Therefore, coding is a fun and engaging process of implementing solutions.

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why coding for kids is important

What is Coding?

Coding is a way of talking to a computer. It is a process of writing instructions for the computer to follow in order to accomplish a task. The instructions are written in a language that a computer understands. Computer programs, apps, websites, animations, games, and computer systems are the results of coding. There exist several coding languages (also called programming languages) including Scratch, python, java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Pascal, C++, and C# among others.

All computer devices, including phones, require programs in order to function properly. Operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android are also computer programs.

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think”- Steve Jobs

 Why Coding for Kids is Important

Coding is not only for those already in the technology field or children who are always on computers. Here are some of the reasons why coding is a must-have skill in the 21st century.  sign up for coding now

Coding helps kids gain confidence to create

Coding helps young children become creators in the digital world. They can create animated stories, animations, websites, apps, programs, and computer games.

“Coding allows kids to explore the power of their own imagination” – Makena, a 11-year old student at Jit Tech

Coding enhances creativity, problem-solving, and logical reasoning skills.

Most children won’t grow to become professional software engineers or programmers, but the skills of creative thinking, problem solving and logical reasoning can be applied across different academic and professional disciplines. Enrol your kids now!

Coding teaches kids about technology 

We live in a technology-driven world and learning coding at an early age allows young children to gain an understanding of how technology works. Besides, having an understanding of how certain apps were developed helps in understanding the greater consequences of using them. For instance, social media and e-commerce apps use algorithms that maximize the number of time users spend on the platforms.

“Technology Will Be Major Driver For Big Four Plan” –  President Uhuru Kenyatta

Coding is very fun and engaging.

Coding is a fun and exciting activity that keeps young children engaged and learning same time. This makes coding suitable as an activity to engage in during free time or even some of the children’s playtime.

Coding teaches patience.

Coding can help young children learn patience. Why? The journey of learning coding has its own setbacks. At any level, irrespective of age, there is some level of failure such as code not working. Children get to learn and appreciate why a piece of code might fail and how to improve it. They can only learn that by being patient while testing and editing that particular piece of code (sometimes multiple times). Besides, coding might not be easy at first but gets easier as you learn and practice more.

Coding is an eye-opener

Another key reason why kids should learn coding is to start and build careers at an early age. Besides, coding opens doors to other learning and growth opportunities. It promotes their interest in continuous learning and exploring their own potential. Imagine if you had been introduced to technology while young. Where would you be if you started coding at the age of 9 years?

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About Jit Tech Learning

Jit Tech Learning is on a mission of helping children aged 7 to 15 years discover and nurture talents in tech at an early age through progressive online coding classes. We train them how to create animated stories, simple animations, computer programs and games, websites, and apps.

We are promoting Creativity, problem-solving among kids

Our coding classes empower kids with 21st-century skills to become creative, problem-solving, and capacity to innovate. Besides, we are raising a generation of young software engineers by equipping our children with practical and useful skills early enough.

We are promoting confidence to start creating

Once an interest in coding has developed, the progressive nature of our coding programs ensures learners build more confidence in their ability to create software projects. The more confidence in their own skills, the more the growth and ability to code more constructive projects. Trust me, this is a journey, you don’t want your kids to miss. Enroll today.

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When Founded

Jit Tech Learning was founded in April 2020 by Ithalii Jackson to engage kids with creative and fun coding activities while staying safe at home. Since then Jit Tech’s mission has grown beyond engaging kids to helping them discover and explore talents and potential in ICT, software development, and game development at an early age.
Our coding classes (also Creative Coding Activities) help kids excite interest in technology, discover their hidden potential, and build confidence in their own abilities and skills.

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