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Other Coding Packages

we have different coding packages for learners interested in beginner coding classes to advanced ones. Every coding lesson is a working project in the form of a story, simple animation, program, game or website. In addition, we offer an opportunity to advance coding skills, especially for those who have done coding before. In some cases, we administer an assessment to such learners to better place them into our programs. However, complete beginners start with the introduction to the coding course.

Coding languages and Courses

Among our coding courses, we have

  1. Scratch Programming
  2. Web Design
  3. Python Programming

Other Information

Learners are awarded a certificate of completion after every coding module. Enrol Now!

Adult Learning

Self-teaching is a tough journey, especially with no reliable teacher to consult when stuck. It costs more time without talking about the struggle in understanding some programming concepts.  Don’t stay stuck, get in touch with our python tutor to accelerate your journey in learning python programming.

We help by simplifying the python concepts through the use of relevant and real-world application scenarios and examples. We teach Python from the basics, fundamental concepts, conditionals, loops, functions, classes, OOPs, inheritance, and file handling to becoming a pro. sign up for our monthly classes now.

Lots of benefits for your child

Lots Of Benefits For Your Child

Lots of benefits for your child after completing our coding modules.

Enable your kids to: 

  1. Create computer games.
  2. Create simple stories and animations.
  3. Build functional websites and web apps
  4. Confidence in own skills and abilities 
  5. Become more creative and good at communicating ideas. 
  6. Grow knowledge in ICT skills.
  7. Build and grow their career at an early age.
  8. Earn a Certificate of completion.

Talk to us for further inquiries. Consider Connecting with us on social media to stay updated.

Other Benefits for your child

  • We provide an opportunity for your kids to understand how technology really works.

Having an understanding of how certain apps were developed helps in understanding the greater consequences of using them.

  • Coding Engages Brain

Our Coding Activities are designed to be fun and exciting, therefore keeping young children engaged while learning.

This makes our coding activities suitable to engage in during free time, during playtime, or as an extracurricular.


adult learning python lessons image

Adult Learning

An opportunity for adults looking to upgrade their skills to remain more relevant at the workplace, simplify their experience working with computer programs, and/or switch careers to software development or Data Science. We offer evening online lessons in Python programming, Data Science fundamentals, and any other programming language and technologies on demand. 

Python Lessons for Adults

Acquire practical computer programming skills in Python Programming to start writing scripts from an absolute beginner to a pro. Our Python lessons will help you understand Python concepts such as conditionals, loops, functions, classes, objects, and OOP concepts in real-world implementations. We derive examples from real applications and systems across industries such as Banking, Telecom, and Education. Timing for adult learning is favorable to working adults. Our Python Programming Course takes 5 weeks to complete. 


  1. Better understand the fundamental principles and concepts of computer programming/coding.
  2. Get to know and appreciate the processes involved in software development.
  3. Start writing Python scripts to automate repetitive tasks.
  4. Apply the programming knowledge gained to better understand other programming languages.

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1-year progressive coding modules

1-year Progressive Coding Classes

1-year progressive coding classes learning plan is a well-structured learning opportunity for your kids (7 to 15 years of age) to learn and acquire practical coding skills systematically from an absolute beginner level to higher levels when they can start building real and constructive projects. This coding package aims at installing greater confidence in kids’ abilities and talents in technology. Some of the key skills to be acquired include but are not limited to Scratch, HTML, CSS, and Python.

What we are offering

Through progressive learning, we are offering an opportunity for your children to discover and nurture talents in tech at an early age. We are helping them learn and build confidence to start creating useful computer programs, games, websites, and apps through online coding classes. By so doing our children will become innovative and better at problem-solving.

We have designed a series of coding modules that support a progressive journey into software development. From a very basic level, your kid(s) will acquire and build coding skills upward through a series of coding lessons. #RaisingEngineers

Invest in the future of your children today. Guaranteed value for your money. Register your kid(s) now.

Incoming Classes.

Dec – Jan holiday lessons: 1-hour zoom lessons 2 days a week. Time slots: 0900, 1015, 1130, 1430hrs, 1600hrs Start date: 30th Nov 2022

Saturday lessons: 1-hour zoom lesson. Time slots:  9.00 am, 10.15 am, 11.30 am, 2.30 pm. Start date: 8th January 2023

Available Coding Modules

  • Scratch from beginner to advanced level.
  • Python Programming
  • HTML and CSS .

Learners earn a certificate of completion after every semester and after completing the entire progression.


semester 1 and semester 2

Saturday-only lessons for 12 weeks or 2 days a week for 6 weeks (each semester).

Total Investment: Ksh. 11,500 per each semester.

semester 3

Saturday-only lessons for 14 weeks or 2 days a week for 7 weeks

Total Investment: Ksh. 13,300

Payments Plans

  1. Pay per semester/program in one full instalment or 2 split payments.
  2. Pay Ksh 4,000 per month for Saturday-only learners.
  3. Book a program/semester in advance with Ksh 2500(part of the fee).

Pay via our M-Pesa Till number 5001931.

Alternative arrangement

We have an alternative arrangement called The starter package where you can pay for 8 lessons costing a total of KES 6,500 after which you can pay the remaining balance to complete a full semester.

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Requirements To Join The Class

  1. Install the Zoom app.
  2. Laptop/Desktop.
  3. Reliable internet connection.
  4. A working web browser.
  5. No special software is required at the beginner level, but learners will be guided whenever we need to install any other editor.

Class Formation

We run group classes in cohorts with our learners grouped by age 7 to 9 yrs, 10 to 15 yrs. A group lesson has 8 learners per session. Sign up here.


Learning at Jit Tech is an exciting journey that aims at growing young talents in tech. From a very basic level with little or no exposure to becoming a confident problem solver on tech matters. It will shape their thinking and how their handle day-to-day task. The journey will expose your kids to greater potential in tech and open their eyes to the future.

You must have seen or heard of those kids (mostly foreign kids) who code real apps and games some of which are played by our own (Kenyan) children including teenagers. So why not give your son/daughter a chance to learn and create his/her own games and apps and share them with friends?

Coding is a way of talking to a computer.

It is a process of writing instructions for the computer to follow in order to accomplish a task. The instructions are written in a language that a computer understands. Get your kids to start talking the language of the computers. Besides, we live in a tech-driven world. Coding is the language of technology.

Why Coding Classes for kids

Coding helps young children become creators in the digital world. They can create animated stories, basic animations, websites, apps, programs, and computer games as they learn different coding languages.
Besides, coding promotes kids’ creativity and problem-solving abilities by helping them to explore their talents or potential, and bring ideas into reality.

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coding modules

Introduction to Coding

Our Introduction to coding for kids course is an excellent opportunity to help children aged between 7 and 15 years explore and discover their potential in tech through fun and creative coding activities. The objective for this course/coding level is to excite an interest in tech and coding. Learners will get exposed to the world of ICT and be able to appreciate technology. Learners can choose between having lessons on Saturdays for 8 weeks or 2 days a week for 4 weeks. The total fee for this entire introduction course is Ksh. 6,500 only.

Are you a parent to a 7 to 15-year-old who loves to invest in the future of your children? Do you understand the value of technology in today’s world? Register your kid(s) in our Introduction to coding today by submitting this link now. Contact us to learn more about our coding programs.

Today, coding has become a basic literacy every child must have. Kids need to understand and work with the technology around them.

How we make it happen

We teach via Zoom, they learn, they discover their potential, and they explore and grow talents in tech. We take it upon ourselves to nurture the young tech talent through progressive lessons which start from less difficult to more difficult coding activities. Why should your kid(s) be left out? Enrol him/her/them today and start this exciting journey with us.

How does Introduction to coding course benefit my kid(s)?

It improves creativity and problem-solving skills.

It helps kids become creators in the digital world.

Coding is fun and engages the brain, therefore, can be a play-time activity.

It is an eye-opener and opportunity for kids to start and grow a career in software development at an early age.