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Adult Learning

An opportunity for adults looking to upgrade their skills to remain more relevant at the workplace, simplify their experience working with computer programs, and/or switch careers to software development or Data Science. We offer evening online lessons in Python programming, Data Science fundamentals, and any other programming language and technologies on demand. 

Python Lessons for Adults

Acquire practical computer programming skills in Python Programming to start writing scripts from an absolute beginner to a pro. Our Python lessons will help you understand Python concepts such as conditionals, loops, functions, classes, objects, and OOP concepts in real-world implementations. We derive examples from real applications and systems across industries such as Banking, Telecom, and Education. Timing for adult learning is favorable to working adults. Our Python Programming Course takes 5 weeks to complete. 


  1. Better understand the fundamental principles and concepts of computer programming/coding.
  2. Get to know and appreciate the processes involved in software development.
  3. Start writing Python scripts to automate repetitive tasks.
  4. Apply the programming knowledge gained to better understand other programming languages.

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